Parent and Child-Mother and Baby Fostering

Could you offer a place in your home to a parent and child in need?

There is a growing demand to recruit parent and child foster carers to care for children in Waltham Forest.

Parent and child fostering, sometimes known as mother and baby fostering, is a type of foster care where the mother or sometimes father and child live in the household with the foster carer who provides support at a difficult time. The support offered by the foster carer allows the parent to build an early bond with their child. The parent can develop both emotional and practical skills to ensure a positive start for the family.

Why might the parent need support:

  • The parent may be a teenager and need to develop life skills before living independently (this is very often the case)
  • The parent is escaping an abusive relationship or home environment
  • Drug or alcohol dependent or going through recovery
  • Has a disability which could be medical, mental, or psychological
  • Struggling with developing an early bond with their child
  • Parent has had a child removed from their care previously and needs to be supported and assessed before living independently
  • May be a looked after child or recently left foster care

To apply to become a mother and baby foster carer you will need a spare bedroom in your home. You will also need to have the time to support the mother and baby with day-to-day activities. These activities could include, attending appointments and meetings, preparing food, emotional support and other tasks to support their development with the aim of preparing them to successfully live independently.

What we offer:

  • An enhanced fostering allowance
  • Up to 66% off your council tax bill
  • A discount at our local leisure centres, Better Gyms.
  • Your own dedicated social worker
  • On going training and development
  • 24-hour support

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