Eman's Story

Eman’s journey as a foster carer has seen her care for many children for over 17 years. 

She said, “I am proud that I am able to care for people and treat them with respect and make a difference in their life. I am also proud that I keep in contact with all the young people that I foster. Sometimes I receive Mother’s Day cards, this means a lot.”

Eman is a Hub Carer as part of the Council’s Fostering Network Mockingbird programme. It is a network based on the idea of an extended family, to ensure young people and their foster carers receive even more care and support. 

“I support ten families with their children. The main thing is relationship building with the other carers and their young people so that we can all support each other. We support each other like a family, helping with things like collecting a child from school. Mockingbird helps improve stability with young people and their carers.”