Foster Siblings

When you think about fostering, it's likely you imagine fostering one child at a time. However we often have the need for Foster Carers who can foster siblings so we can keep brothers and sisters together. 

Thousands of siblings across the country end up being separated when moving into the foster system as we struggle to keep them together. In 2017 50% of brothers and sisters were split up when going into foster care, despite it being better for them if they stay together. 

Being separated from siblings adds to the loss that young people face when they come into care and being able to stay with their siblings can be very beneficial to their overall wellbeing and experience in care. 

It can seem daunting to foster a child and even more daunting to foster more than one child at a time, but can also be incredibly rewarding.

If you have more than one spare room and would like to learn more about fostering siblings together then please get in touch.

Girl on swing

It’s hard to describe that warm feeling you get inside. I have cared for sisters and believe that it is important to keep brothers and sisters together where possible so that they can continue to make memories together.

Tracy, Waltham Forest Foster Carer