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Foster Care Fortnight Retirement Celebration

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Chris Long recently retired after 41 years of fostering and caring for 50 young people. Her outstanding commitment was  recognised by her Supervising Social Worker and the Fostering Team Manager recently. Christine was presented with flowers, a pamper set and a framed congratulatory letter.

Amongst the poignant highlights of her fostering career were her regular family holidays in Whitstable, Kent. She had a caravan there and took the children every summer so that they could have fun and spend time at the beach. Recently, one of the children she kept in touch with, wanted to know the location of the beach so that she could take her own children there. It is wonderful that she is now an adult who wishes to make happy memories with her children, just like she remembers them. Chris impacted so much fun and happy memories at that beach for her as she also remembers learning how to swim there. What an amazing fostering journey.

Thank you Chris - your contribution to local young people is greatly appreciated.

Fostering a child who is a refugee 

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Yesterday, the BBC One programme, 'The One Show,' featured a great segment about fostering refugees. The segment is at 26.19 minutes. This followed the news that the former England football star Gary Lineker is due to welcome a refugee to live with him.

UPDATE: On Monday 2 November 2020 Gary Lineker updated ITV's 'Good Morning Britain,' viewers with his first experience of fostering a refugee and shared a moving letter that the young person sent him after he left.

How can I foster a refugee child

To find out more about  becoming a refugee foster parent, please watch our film made in Waltham Forest; 

Fostering During the Pandemic

Shqiponja, Foster Carer, May 2020

"This pandemic has been hard on us in different ways, with the uncertainty, the fear and having to dramatically change our every day lifestyles. It took some time to get used to the new routine of having to work from home and the children having to study from home. At first, it took a lot for them to get motivated and really understand why they still had to study, even if they weren't going into School and that this isn't a holiday. I created some activities to help them stay happy and active throughout this time at home. 

"Every so often we have a family meeting to explain to them specifically what is happening in a way that they understand so that they take the situation seriously. We have created a timetable and they make sure to stick to this.

"We have explained what an outstanding job the NHS has done for the UK and created posters (featured below) to show our appreciation and thank you for the NHS saving lives. This was helpful in allowing the children to stay connected with the outside world and understand why they can’t go out. We talk about how other people are helping and contributing. This keeps our hopes high and smiles on our faces.

"My foster children have also been finding their own ways to stay busy in the house. My foster son draws beautifully and has high attention to detail, he makes lovely drawings and shows them to us when he’s finished. My foster daughter is equally as creative, constantly making different things, experimenting, trying on different outfits, taking photos and videos. They are both making good use of their time, learning new skills and have gotten into the routine of doing their homework and submitting on time. We have also explained to them why it is important to stay fit and healthy whilst always staying at home and they both focus on their health by exercising."

Girl on swing

We created posters to show our appreciation and thank you for the NHS saving lives. This was helpful in allowing the children to stay connected with the outside world and understand why they can’t go out.

Shqiponja, Foster Carer, May 2020

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