Simone and David's Story


We have been foster carers since 2009. We became specialist foster carers looking after children with challenging needs after we retired as managers of a children’s home.

We have fostered ten young people since 2009 and nearly all of them were teenagers. One of the children we fostered is still with us at the age of 23.

We love the fun that the teenagers we have fostered bring to our home, we believe that they stimulate you and keep you younger. The best thing our role is of course the children and the appreciation that they eventually express. If you are considering becoming a foster carer you need to be open to change and challenges. You must also have a good sense of humour.

Fostering can be rewarding and exciting. It is life enhancing but you must be prepared for the challenges.

As a Waltham Forest foster carer you are part of a great team and working with other foster carers and professionals is mutually rewarding.

We have formed some amazing, strong and professional relationships over the years.

This message was sent in a birthday card to David last week from an adult that we looked after as a child;

“Thank you for teaching me some of life’s most important lessons. I couldn’t have asked a kinder father, thank you for taking me for ice cream and for talking with me. I can’t remember a time that you were not there for me".