Jennifer and Vincent's Story

Jennifer and Vincent, started caring for a boy aged five, during the lockdown in January 2021.

Jen and Vincent shared

“Our main motivation to become foster carers was the fact that there was a need for carers. We wanted to offer our help and support to families during troubled times, to help them get back on their feet or offer them respite.

“Throughout the whole application the process was very efficient. Due to the fact we were in a pandemic, the majority of our meetings were done via online platforms. It worked out quite well for us. We found everybody that we had dealings with very helpful, very understanding that we were new to this and they offered us plenty of support. Our social worker was amazing we made a real bond which we still have to this day.

“We choose to care and are proud to foster because we see it as being given this amazing opportunity to help a child in a time of need and give them a loving family to be part of.

“To anyone considering becoming a foster carer we would 100% recommend it. Not every day is fun and yes, it is a lot of work but to see the joy you can bring to a child’s life by just showing them some normality, is rewarding in its-self.”