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Foster Care in London


Do something amazing this new year. If you have room in your home and a space in your heart you could make a life changing difference by fostering a child. If you have the space for more than one child you could foster brothers and sisters and help keep  a family together. Please watch the short Fostering 'Giants' film to find out more. By fostering brothers and sisters together you will be changing their their lives in a positive way. You will also be changing yours in the process by helping someone and receiving up to £467 per week per child.

This website tells you what fostering is all about and how important it is to the life of a child. Please contact us, we have a simple process you can follow to become a Waltham Forest foster carer, you can make an enquiry online or call us on 020 8496 3000

Fostering means you provide an alternative family home for children who cannot, for a variety of reasons, live with their own families. This care can be short or long term, and makes a real difference to a child’s life. Here are ten great reasons to become a Waltham Forest foster carer, as well as changing a child's life you will receive;

  1. Pay of up to £467 per week per child which includes your fee in recognition of your skills
  2. Up to 60 per cent off your Council Tax bill if you live in Waltham Forest or a payment toward your Council Tax if you live out of the Borough
  3. Discounted membership at any of our six leisure centres in Waltham Forest for you and your family
  4. Rewards - access to a lifestyle hub of Waltham Forest foster carer’s benefits. This gives you a variety of discounts off major brands
  5. Outstanding preparation and on-going training (Ofsted commended)
  6. A dedicated Social Worker and out of hours support
  7. A support group offering friendship and learning
  8. An allowance to help with setting up costs
  9. Fosternet – your very own web portal giving you access to information and training to help with your role
  10. Free membership with the Fostering Network - a national body for foster carers