Transferring your approval from another agency

Foster carer dad and son, Highams Park

If you are an approved foster carer considering transferring your approval to Waltham Forest Council we are keen to hear from you. We aim to make the process for transferring over as smooth and as simple as possible for you. We consider each transfer request on a case by case basis and under most circumstances we may be able to ‘fast track’ your application to join us.

Here are some of the benefits of existing foster carers becoming Waltham Forest foster carers;

  1. Our offer which includes payment of up to £467 per week and up to 66 per cent discount off your Council Tax bill if you are a Waltham Forest resident, or an annual payment toward your Council Tax if you live outside of the Borough and a great support network of Waltham Forest foster carers offering friendship and learning.
  2. We have a large number of looked after children in Waltham Forest. This means if you join us you are more likely to have higher occupancy levels and less time between placements.
  3. If you live in Waltham Forest or a neighbouring Borough, we are on your doorstep. This gives you easy access to support and our Ofsted commended training as well as local schools and meetings for children in placement with you.
  4. We can provide individual therapeutic support packages with specialist providers to support more complex placements. We also have a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) team; ‘Fast Track’ for looked after children living in Waltham Forest and their carers. The team can provide therapeutic input to the child and/or their carer, helping to promote placements that last and are successful. Carers develop extra skills and can help children develop well.
  5. Waltham Forest Council do not make any profit from fostering, unlike private fostering agencies that run as a business to maximise profit for shareholders. We are dedicated to achieving the best for our children in care.
  6. We are also implemeting the Fostering Network Mockingbird model which will provide increased peer to peer support for our carers.

As long as you have space to accomodate a Waltham Forest child, we will accept you with children placed by other authorities for the length of their placement.

All transfers will follow the Fostering Network Transfer protocol (please see PDF below).

Zak and Imrana share their reasons for transferring

Zak and Imrana have been foster carers with Waltham Forest for a year. Zak shared their motivation to foster “Some friends and family were foster carers and we wanted to help vulnerable children too. Once our children had grown up and we had space in our home.”

“We joined a private fostering  agency and were with them for 18 months with no placements as those offered were to far away so we had to say no to them all. We decided to transfer to Waltham Forest, our Local Authority as we believed we would be offered more suitable placements and we were right. Since being approved by Waltham Forest we have had a local child in placement. For us having a local foster child makes the school run and family contact convenient. It is also better for our foster child to have local foster parents as he is close to the people and places that he knows and loves."

To transfer to us please call 020 8496 3000, email or register online to discuss your individual circumstances.