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Did you see our '12 Myths of Fostering' competition on social media?

Wednesday 3 January 2017 

Our '12 Myths of Fostering,' competition featured on the London Borough of  Waltham Forest's facebook and twitter at the end of December. We asked viewers to let us know which one of our 12 Myths Father Christmas appeared in. It is now too late to enter but you can view the 12 myths below and spot which one Father Christmas appears in just for fun. Congratulations to our competition winner Clive Stubley.

Fostering Myth No. 1

Fostering Myth No. 2

Fostering Myth No. 3

Fostering Myth No. 4

Fostering Myth No. 5

Fostering Myth No. 6

Fostering Myth No. 7

Fostering Myth No. 8

Fostering Myth No. 9

Fostering Myth No. 10

Fostering Myth No. 11

Fostering Myth No. 12


We felt so lucky to foster a young refugee. Don’t let Parsons Green tarnish a proud tradition.

Wednesday 3 January 2017 

Please read this great Guardian article about a couple's positive experience around fostering a young refugee and why recent events should not discourage foster carers coming forward for these vulnerable young people;


LGBT fostering 

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Waltham Forest fostering are members of New Family Social - the UK network for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) foster and adoptive families. This means that when you begin your fostering journey with us you can join NFS for free. As a member you will receive peer support, invitations to get togethers, the NFS newsletters and magazines, access to the private NFS forums and once you are an approved foster carer you will receive crisis support, invitations to summer camps and other organised children's activities. Please read this great Guardian article, 'I thought I'd never be a dad until I saw an ad for LGBT carers,' where a  foster carers shares that social workers, teachers and healthcare professionals have always been accepting and supportive. 


Foster Walk London

Saturday 13 May 2017

The Fostering Team and foster carers took part in Foster Walk London on Saturday 13 May 2017. Foster Walk London is a sponsored 5K walk across London celebrating foster care and raising money to help transform fostered children’s lives. 


Foster Care Fortnight, Dave Fry, Assistant Director of Corporate Parenting

Monday 8 May 2017


As we begin Fostering Fortnight I am reflecting on the difference that good foster care makes to children’s lives. As a manager who is responsible for fostering services amd as a foster carer myself, I know that it can be massively rewarding but equally tiring, I am both #ProudtoFoster and  #ProudtoSupportFostering.

The relationships that I have with children we care for make all the difference. When we are able to make a positive relationship with a child, it allows them to trust us. When they trust us we are able to influence and guide them. In turn that may relax the child, helping them to feel safer and engage in their education, other relationships and begin a virtuous spiral. 

This is why we are developing the Mockingbird Family Model in Waltham Forest. To ensure that our foster carers are supported through improved relationships.

This year I am supporting the Fostering Network campaign – 'Fostering Transforms Lives.' But I am also focusing on the knowledge that #relationshipsmakingthedifference is what we all need to remember. 


Fostering Teenagers

Monday 8 May 2017 

Please watch the Fostering Network's film, 'We are not mistakes on pages,' Solomon ( and Sharmin share their thoughts on growing up in foster care and introduce us to the people who loved and cared for them during their childhood. This short film addresses some of the myths around fostering teenagers.