About fostering

Black fostering family Chingford, Waltham Forest

Fostering means you provide an alternative family home for children who cannot, for a variety of reasons, live with their own families. This care can be a short term emergency or a more permanent arrangement. 

 As a foster carer you become part of a team of professionals with access to 24/7 support  to provide the love, care and support that a child needs. If you are over 21 and have room in your heart and a spare bedroom in your home you could apply to be a foster carer.

You will need patience, humour and energy to look after a child.

We care for children from all ethnic backgrounds and we welcome carers from any ethnic background, all ages ranges and any sexuality whether single or as part of a couple. We are members of New Family Social, the UK Network for LGBT foster carers. 

We need your help, especially if you would like to care for;

  • Brothers and sisters
  • Child refugees and asylum seekers
  • Teenagers
  • Mothers and babies
  • Children with disabilities